Life Members

The following people have been given a lifetime membership for their dedication in helping make Thornlie & Districts Teeball Association a great place for our Clubs and kids to play Teeball
George Anderson
Keith Wilson
Neryl Cross
Kevin Hills
Ed Griffin
Maurice Pearson
Eileen Flynn
Lloyd Hutchings
Helen Hutchings
Bill Corti
Ollie Neleman
Terry Gale
Shane Keith
Mary Smith-Weaver
Danny Hankin
Alana Campbell
Leah Christie (2009)
Coralie Edwards (2009)
Cassie McGann (2012)
Chad Lambert (2013)
Lisa Gorey (2015)
Justin Monk (2015)
Chris Cavanagh (2016)
Michelle Black (2017)
Nathan Dixon (2018)
Steve Sutton (2018)
Sharon Morley (2019)
Tanya Houston (2019)
Josh Cavanagh (2020)
Russell Keep (2020)

Stewart Sutton (2021)
Rick Johnson (2022)
Stephanie Derrick (2023)
John Rando (2023)
Glen Bakranich (2023)