In the interest of player welfare in the grand final T&D TBA have decided the best course of action will be to amend the Gran Final starting time and carry out the heat control strategies listed below. It is also clearly incumbent upon each club and player to prepare accordingly for the hot conditions.

1. T&D provides eskies for each dugout with water/ice slurry, water bottles and Gatorade drinks for players.

2.  Each club appoints a parent to act as heat stress monitor to keep children hydrated.

3. T&D will have a person on hand with senior first aid quals.

4. Additional shade cabanas will be erected.

5. Sunscreen will be provided at each dugout.

6. Players will be encouraged to bring spray bottles and towels/flannels to quench.

7.  Innings break will be extended.

Tomorrow the 8am time slot will commence as normal and will play for 1 hour. The 9.20 game will commence on time but will be shortened to 50 minutes and finish at 10.10.

The next time slot will commence at 10.20 and will be shortened to 50 minutes finishing at 11.10. The 13’s grand final will commence at 11.20 and run the course of 7 innings.