Fixtures 2017 / 2018

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Final Round Fixtures

Diamond NoTimeHome TeamvAway Team      
18:00 AM10's F/lakes Complex Roofingv10's Gosnells Grizzly Bears
28:00 AM10's F/lakes Real Estate Plusv10's F/lakes Everbond
38:00 AM9's Forest Lakes CDH Mechanicalv9's Forest Lakes Concrete Services
58:00 AM9's Gosnells Bad News Bearsv9's Huntingdale IGA Hitters
68:00 AM8's Huntingdale Hyenasv8's Huntingdale Harleys
78:00 AM9's Harrisdale Aslander Realtyv9's Yale Tigers
98:00 AM
9's Harrisdale Muffin BreakBYE
19:10 AM7's Yale Tigersv7's Harrisdale Lee's Towing
29:10 AM7's F/lakes Parkwood Hardwarev7's F/lakes Perth Tech
39:10 AM7's Huntingdale F/Dale Laundromatv7's Gosnells Yogi Bears
59:10 AM7's PP Huntingdale Hamstersv7's PP Kenwick Eagles
69:10 AM7' PP F/Lakes Agar Haulagev7's PP Gosnells Cuddly Bears
79:10 AM7's PP H/dale Connect West Elecv7's PP Huntingdale Hornets
99:10 AM7's Huntingdale Houndsv7's Redsox Modern Glass
7's PP Redsox Euro SteelBYE
110:20 AM10's Huntingdale Highlandersv10's Yale Tigers
210:20 AM10's F/lakes United Fuel Injectionv10's Huntingdale Hunters
310:20 AM10's Redsox Ultra Tune SouthFreov10's Kenwick Krazies
510:20 AM10's Huntingdale Huskiesv10's H/dale the Cheeky Butchers
610:20 AM8's Kenwick Katzv8's Harrisdale All Over Haulage
710:20 AM8's F/lakes McKenna Hamptonv8's F/lakes Hills Natural Health
910:20 AM8's Redsox Modern Glassv8's Huntingdale Pooltopia Hammers


U13's Finals Fixtures 2017-2018

Week NoGame NoDiamondTeamversusTeam  
1A1Redsox SaltvForest Lakes AR AdvisorsBoth teams get second chance
1B2Forest Lakes P&N BankvRedsox Comfortstyle FurnitureLoser out
1C3Gosnells Koala BearsvYale Tigers GoreyLoser out
2D1Redsox SaltvRedsox Comfortstyle FurnitureLoser out
E2Forest Lakes AR AdvisorsvGosnells Koala BearsLoser out
Grand Final
3F11Redsox SaltvForest Lakes AR Advisors

Round robin for teams not making finals and game to be played Sat morning for week 1 & 2 then Fri night for week 3.

Finals to be played on a Friday nights with Grand Final on last Saturday at last time slot.


Finals Series 2017-2018 13's Round Robin

Week NoDate TimeGame NoDiamondHome TeamversusAway Team
1310/02/2018Saturday8am11Huntingdale HeatvForest Lakes 11's
1310/02/2018Saturday8am22Huntingdale HurricanesvGosnells Unbearables
1310/02/2018Saturday8am33Yale TigersvForest Lakes BCT Diesel Repairs
1417/02/2018Saturday8am43Forest Lakes 11'svHuntingdale Hurricanes
1417/02/2018Saturday8am52Forest Lakes BCT Diesel RepairsvHuntingdale Heat
1417/02/2018Saturday8am61Forest Lakes P&N BankvYale Tigers Gorey
1417/02/2018Saturday8am74Gosnells UnbearablesvYale Tigers
1523/02/2018Friday6pm8113's Forest Lakes P&N Bankv11's Forest Lakes Allwest Plant
1523/02/2018Friday6pm9213's Yale Tigers Goreyv13's Yale Tigers
1523/02/2018Friday6pm10313's Gosnells Koala Bearsv13's Gosnells Unbearables
1523/02/2018Friday6pm11413's Huntingdale Heatv13's Huntingdale Hurricanes
1523/02/2018Friday5pm12113's Redsox Comfortstyle Furniturev13's Forest Lakes BCT Diesel Repairs
1523/02/2018Friday5pm13211's Huntingdale Hotrodsv11's Redsox Bicycle Centre
1523/02/2018Friday5pm14311's Gosnells Polar Bearsv11's Yale Tigers
1523/02/2018Friday5pm1549's Redsox Modern Glassv9's Redsox Cleggy's

Home Team to provide plate umpire, Away to do base umpire for all round robin games.